INFJs, what are your zodiacs? INFJ's Correlation with Zodiac Signs.

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I was doing a search on INFJs and came across this. According to wikipedia, there are feminine and masculine sun signs/ there're some signs that are more feminine/masculine than others. Hope that makes sense. I'm a Cancerian and an INFJ. I have a friend who's also a Cancerian and an INFJ as well. It makes sense because the description of a Cancerian fits closely to that of the INFJ. Quiet, thinker, shy, reserved, imaginative, etc. I was wondering if most INFJs also have feminine sun signs (and you'll see below which signs are, according to wikipedia), like this person was also wondering. In short form, if you're an INFJ, what is your zodiac??

Here's what the person was saying. I've pasted it below:

"I was curious to know what the members sun signs were...and if that may have any correlation to being an infj.

I am a Virgo and we are known for having a melancholy to introvert sense of personality. Other words used to describe us: modest, shy and reserved. Makes sense.

According to wikipedia, "There is also something called astrological masculinity/femininity. It has little to do with being macho or girly. In fact, men with astrological femininity often compensate by acting macho (working out, claiming to be promiscuous or tough) and women with astrological masculinity often compensate by acting girly (wearing girly clothes and makeup, claiming to be emotional).

Astrologically feminine qualities: Prefers long-term relationships, prefers to stay at home, needs more sleep, methodical, considerate, reliable, kind, stubborn, depends on others, polite, shy, prudish, prefers to be pursued.

Astrologically masculine qualities: Independent, dates a lot, travels a lot, energetic, active, headstrong, talkative, confident, open-minded, rude, sexual, flirtatious, prefers to pursue a mate.

Here is the approximate ranking of signs from most masculine to most feminine: Aries, Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Capricorn, Scorpio, Taurus, Pisces, Cancer, Virgo."
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  • Gemini

    But; think you're barking up the wrong planet, well the Sun isn't a planet, so that mildly amusing statement is completely off base.

    Starting over. . . . .

    Believe the position of the Moon and the rising sign have more to do with INFJ than the Sun sign.
    In another Tribe, (so far) over 50% of those with a Moon in Scorpio who took an online test were INFJ.

    IMO, this result is significant, and wonder if it may also apply to the other "water" Moons.

    However, keep in mind from a strictly statistical point of view, all this means is: of those were had a Moon in Scorpio, were hanging about at the time, and were inclined to take the online test, or who knew their INFJ status aforehand - over 50% were INFJ.
  • Hi , im new here :)

    Its an interesting topic. and as some people have pointed out, there is more to astrology than "star"signs.

    In fact your star sign , or what most people think is their star sign , is actually their SUN sign. So to look at just the sun sign, doesn't show us much.

    Your moon sign is as important as the sun sign. The sun generally speaking characterises your outer self, and the moon is your inner personality so to speak. You also have a sign for each of the other planets. For example if you were a Virgo (sun sign) and you were a Gemini in Venus, then it would mean, that when it comes to love and relationships, (Venus being planet of love) you would have more Gemini tendencies, in love.

    To find out all the planets on your birthchart you just need to know the time you were born and the date and location. It will then give you a much more comprehensive breakdown of all your zodiac characteristics.

    Incidentally Im a Taurus, Sun and a Scorpio Moon with Pisces Rising.

    When you look at all the comments there does seem to be more of some signs than others. very interesting
    • I have always been very interested in astrology, because I felt that is understansds me better than anything else. Recently, I found out that I am an INFJ, and I as blown away by how accurate the INFJ personality describes me. I feel the same sense of excitement, curiousity, and awe that I felt 7 years ago when I discovered my rising sign and moon sign. Now I am able to learn and understand myself via my personality type, as well as astrology.

      With that said, I am a

      Sagittarius Sun (However, I was born on the cusp of Scorpio/Sagittarius)
      Moon in Aries (void of course)
      Scorpio Rising
      Mercury in Sagittarius
      Venus in Scorpio
      Mars in Libra

      As I've been reading about INFJ's, I've found myself thinking that many INFJ's are probably water signs, in particular, Scorpio. If not in their sun signs, then in some other important astrological placement.
      • The reason I think many INFJ's probably have strong Scorpio influence, is because Scorpio is known as the most deep, COMPLEX, mysterious, profound, very intelligent and introverted, and borderline psychic sign in the zodiac. Shallow and Scorpio go together like oil and water, haha. Sometimes, when I'm reading about INFJ, I can't tell the difference than when I'm reading about Scorpio. Although, there are some very big differences.
  • I really don't think how the stars align tell you about your personality. Most astrology books tell each sign pretty much the same, it's just worded differently for each sign to make it sound like they are different. Read each sign (especially Cancer, Capricorn and Scorpio) and you'll see what I mean. You'll read what you want to read and ignore anything that doesn't apply to you. Don't worry, it's common and happens to everyone.

    But my skepticism mostly comes from the fact I have an ENTP husband who is extremely pragmatic.

    But if you must know, I'm a capricorn with a picses moon.

    I always think of astrology as more of a fun thing where as MB can really tell you more about yourself. There is very little that I could not apply to myself directly in MB and even my husband cannot dispute it.
    • Every sign is very different and unique, but they are hard to understand. Cancer, Capricorn, and Scorpio are EXTREMELY different. In fact, Cancer and Capricorn are considered exact polar opposites in astrology. There is SO MUCH more to astrology than just the signs, though. Signs are just the tip of the iceberg. There are midpoints, orbs, houses and the planets that fall in such houses, and on and on and on...all very telling. Earth signs, and especially Capricorn, is the more skeptical sign of the zodiac--the sign least likely to believe in astrology. You may want to look up in which house your planet Saturn falls in. This will tell you which area of your life you've had, and will have, the most struggles with. In which house does your Jupiter fall in? That will tell you the area of the your life you have the least amount of problems in. The 1st house, and planets in the 1st house, very telling of your personality to the outside world. Astrology is so deeply complex, it's usually very hard for pragmatic people to grasp, because they are looking at it incorrectly many times.
  • I'm a scorpio.... I just found out I am INFJ... so, hello!
    • eh, modify my Scorpio to Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Capricorn, Rising Aquarius
      • Welcome, fellow Scorpio!
        • Natal Sun aspects

          Sun, April 17, 2011 - 8:39 AM
          I've been reading natal charts for over twenty-five years; check my profile pics where I've posted charts of a bunch of serial killers. Obviously this is a very specific group, and I studied them for similarities. Using both Longitudinal (the familiar circular chart) and Declinational aspects, serial killers have an unusually high incidence of Mars+Saturn+Chiron aspects. Very often these are applying for many years by Progression. Mars is action, force, aggression, motion, and the physical aspects of sex. Saturn is structure, control, or lack there-of. I think of Chiron as an "exponator": whatever it aspects is magnified, for better or worse. So finding charts with difficult to control (Saturn) aggression (Mars) is not surprising.
          Your Sun sign is important, but it is equally important to know how your Sun is "wired" (aspected). For instance, someone with Sun in Pisces may have Mars, Venus, and Pluto aspecting their Sun. When these three planets are closely aspecting the Sun there is a highly increased desire for competition and sex. Many top-tier athletes have these aspects strong in their chart. So it's anything BUT your typical Piscean profile.
          Knowing the dominant Mid-Point aspects to the natal Sun is also important. This is another level of astrology, one that most people aren't familiar with, but they are very revealing.
  • Aries. I am hopelessly stubborn so says the people around me lol.

    When I make up my mind about something, there is no change to it not even if my parents, boss's boss or whoever talks to me. The only time I will have a change of my mind is when I am gloating over something or have been thinking about it and I do think about important things for a long time and listens to what everyone has got to say before I make a decision and once I do, it never ever change.

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